About Me

Hi, I'm Bethany, a 24-year-old NYC based reader, writer, blogger, and pop culture junkie. I work as an editorial assistant for the non-fiction imprint of a publishing house, and basically spend my every waking moment reading, which is just fine by me!

I’m non-discriminatory in my reading habits, but tend to find myself reading YA, mystery, and historical fiction most often. However, I have a very large, and sort of baffling, soft spot for “bonnet books” (Amish-set romance novels). My favorite authors are Jane Austen, John Green, and Jonathan Safran Foer. Apparently I have a thing for people whose names begin with "J."

Other than reading, my favorite things are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, coffee, Maureen Johnson’s tweets, and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. You can find me on Twitter @bethanyelarson, and you can read my less-bookish thoughts over at Adventures in Rambling. 

So glad you stopped by! If you're in NYC, feel free to look me up. I would love to have a couple buddies to go to author signing and book events with!

Happy reading!