Review Policy

I am currently open to reviewing advanced reading copies, galleys, and audiobooks of any genre and style. If you are interested in having me write a review, please contact me at In your email, please provide the title, author, publisher, release date, and a brief synopsis of the book.

Please note that I will review the book honestly. However, I do not enjoy writing harsh or overly negative reviews--if I do not like a book, I will state that, but will also highlight aspects of the novel that I did enjoy and will suggest the book for people who like others like it. It's also important to note that I will post my review in respect to the release date. If I receive a book two months early, I will probably wait until a week or so before the release date to post. However, if you would prefer that I post it as soon as possible, please indicate that in the email.

I'm would also love the opportunity to host giveaways, author interviews, and contests on the blog!