Monday, October 17, 2011

Reactionary Reading: Paranormalcy

Welcome to the another edition of Reactionary Reading, a feature where I share my reading notes with all of y'all! This week I'm publishing my notes on Paranormalcy by the adorable on Twitter Kiersten White, a book that I did not really like at first, but that really, really grew on me while reading it.

For those of you new to this feature, there are a couple THINGS you probably need to know about it. So, here's how it works:

I have gone through and redacted major spoiler information. (Yep, just like the government does.) If you've read the books, or if you don't care about being spoiled, feel free to highlight the redacted portions so you can read the text. (It's like a game! Sort of.) But there might still be minor spoilers involved. So if you're the type that hates knowing things before you read, DO NOT PROCEED. And please keep in mind that this is all in good fun and are just my thoughts and opinions. Also, bad language abounds.

So without further ado, may I present my notes on Paranormalcy.

 p. 2: Tasey. :)

p. 10: "Paranormal drama didn't have nearly as much kissing." LOL.

p. 18: Ooooh French werewolf. Mais, oui.

I'm not sure what's going on with Fehl and Reth. But I think I like it.

p. 66: Mysteriously dead vampires! Oh boy.

I kind of dig the loneliness aspect White is workin' here with little miss Evie. It's making me like her more.

p. 72: Haha. Lend turning into the guy from Easton Heights = Adorbs.

. . . I'm guessing Evie always being cold is a clue of some sort . . .

These faeries remind me of the blood elves in World of Warcraft . . .

Hmm . . . what could Evie be. Time for theories! (BTW, you really should click that link.)
  • She likes color. 
  • She is always cold, so she probs is from somewhere super warm
  • She's majorly susceptible to faeries and their warmth affects her differently than it does Raquel (so, maybe humans in general?)
  • She can see through glamours. That's a big one. 
  • Her eyes have basically no color
  • Perhaps she is a were-unicorn. Of the Lisa Frank variety. 
  •  Or some sort of demi-god. 
  • It'd be cool if she were on oracle. Has someone written a book about oracles yet? That needs to happen. I CALL DIBS.
  • I don't really want her to be an angel. Or an alien. But the latter is def a possibility. 
p. 101: "I brought him all these sharp pencils, ideal for stabbing, and he's been a perfect gentleman."

p. 115: I LOVE that she sprained her ankle dancing around in her room. Hilarious. 

I think Evie needs to try and befriend Fehl. If it's even possible to befriend a faerie. 


p. 149: OMG, does she have a creepy/evil (twin) sister? That'd be fun!

p. 173: OH NO. This is getting . . . sad.

p. 193: Well, hello there David. I have a feeling you're going to be a wealth of expository information.

p. 202: HAI VIVIAN.
"We share a soul now, so I thought I"d drop in, introduce myself properly." Well, ain't that courteous.

Are they energy vampires?!

p. 223: “I can stay?!” Awe, Evie. She sort of breaks my heart a little.

p. 232: Hahahaha Canada.

p. 239: “Why on earth would a vampire go to high school?” Teehee. 

I am amazed at how much this story has grown on me in the second hundred pages!

p. 269: You know, I really like that David insists Evie and Lend to keep the bedroom doors open. I was never even allowed to have boys in my room when I was a teenager!

What if Evie and Vivian are two halves of the same person? HMM. I don't think that really makes sense, but it would be kind of cool.

But they are the Empty Ones. And Vivian has talked about taking souls. So do they have to kill people to get their souls to be fulfilled?

p. 275: Oh yep. That's exactly what's going on. Huzzah for me!

OH NO. Is Evie taking Lend's soul without meaning to?!

Hmm. What if Evie is the opposite of Vivian?

p. 296: I find it interesting that we're just now learning that Evie doesn't know her full name.

p. 303: All right, prom time. I'm pretty sure Reth will show up. Because crazy shit ALWAYS goes down at prom.

p. 307: "I pulled the lipstick out of my bra. Being flat had its advantages in added storage space." BAHAHAHA. But, word.

p. 308: Oh hai, Reth. I love it when I'm right.

By the end of this book, I had made a huge jump from I-don't-think-this-is-for-me to OMG-THIS-IS-FUN. I was very, very in love with Evie and Lend and Kiersten upon closing the back cover of this book. I'm very excited to pick up Supernaturally soon! 


  1. I haven't read this yet and it really hasn't been on my radar. It is now!

    I'm sitting in class (with a group of 3rd graders who are working very diligently learning their Technology skills for the day) and I'm giggling. They're kind of looking at me strangely, but that's normal a lot of days.

  2. I love your notes! (Especially the "theories" link) :) I wasn't as pleased with Supernaturally as I was Paranormalcy, but I still plan on continuing the series. Kiersten White has a lot of talent as an author. And she's just SO funny!

  3. I keep missing your posts! I had to move you in my reader to keep up! Anyway...
    I read all of the spoilers since I've read this, but I don't remember a darn thing! lol. Geez. And again, I love your reactionary reading posts!