Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIF: Book Blogger Identity

This week, the wonderful Miss Ginger over at GReads! has decided to dig a little deeper and find out who we book bloggers are and what we're about besides, you know, BOOKS. The question for this week is: 

Book Blogger Identity: 
What occupies your time when you are not reading and/or blogging?

WELL. When I'm not reading/blogging about books (which has been much of the time recently as I popped a blood vessel in my right eye [Yes, I look like a zombie] and was afraid it was due to eye I cut back on the reading. Turns out, it's not due to eye strain! It just happens sometimes!)  I am watching TV/movies oooooor I'm playing/blogging about World of Warcraft. Or I'm out drinking with friends. :)

I'm a huge pop culture junkie, and typically have at least one show I watch each day. (See list below) I love geek culture as well, so if you ever wanna talk about THAT, feeeeel free. 
Bethie's (Current) TV Watch List
Monday: Chuck; Castle
Tuesday: Glee; The Voice
Wednesday: Well, I watched American Idol, but now Casey is gone. So I did not watch this week. 
Thursday: The Vampire Diaries
Friday: Friday Night Lights 
Saturday: Doctor Who!!!!
Sunday: Game of Thrones

Mhmm. I watch A LOT of TV. And that's just the shows I'm watching right now. I also enjoy Pretty Little Liars, Fairly Legal, White Collar, True Blood, Dexter, Covert Affairs, aaaand I'm starting to get into Sons of Anarchy. My all-time faves are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, and Gilmore Girls.Yep. I'm a crazy TV-watchin' lady.

ALRIGHT! That is all. Go outside and enjoy your Friday! You know, if weather permits.


  1. You need to add Parenthood to that tv line up. It's so good!! Probably one of my favorite tv shows right now.

  2. I just dropped my WoW subscription. :(

    I love Veronica Mars! And Buffy, and Dexter... Excellent taste in TV. :)

  3. I love Chuck but missed the most recent episode. Hope your eye feels better!