Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tune In Tuesday: Even More 90s Jams!

It's official: 90s jams are the best.

They're fun and sometimes hilarious and they allow us all to be nostalgic about things from our (well, my) childhood.

And my childhood included a lot of country music.

So, here are a couple of my fave country jams from the '90s. *fingerguns*

Listening to this song as an adult, I realize just how cheeky it is. It makes me like it that much MORE.

I used to BELT this sucker with  my mom on road trips. :)

Yeah, this song is still good. It is also perhaps the reason why I'm a proponent of daily wine consumption.


Ok, I'ma stop now. Hopefully I've demonstrated that if you EVER need a recommendation for a 90s country song, I'm the girl who can give it to you.

Happy Tuesday!

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReadsBooks.


  1. Being from Texas, I listened to country music A LOT in the 90s (not so much now though). After prom at our project prom event, I did karaoke to Shania Twain, haha. So embarrassing!! And Dust on the Bottle - oh man! SOOOO many good memories belting out that song. Love these choices :-)

  2. LOL--well I havent heard any of these songs before, but I am glad I gave them a listen!

  3. Oh, finally some country music! I don't listen to country now-a-days, but I do love older country! I lived on a ranch in Colorado for a good part of my youth and country was what most people in the vicinity listened to.

    I still love Shania Twain. I recently read her new book and loved it. It had me tears over and over.

    Dust on the Bottle! I actually don't like this song, but mostly because it reminds me of the really mean 5th grade teacher I had. He, for reason, hated me with a passion. He got in trouble numerous times over how he treated me, but they never bothered moving me to another 5th grade class unfortunately. He'd always play this song during "quiet time" on his little boom box and sing along. Normally I spent quiet time with my head tucked in my arms, crying!

    Pam Tillis! I like that song - but The River and The Highway! I looooove that song!

    Great post! :)

  4. Thank you for teaching me about your 90's country favorites! Only one I'm familiar with is Shania Twain but, I'm always willing to learn about new to me artists.