Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tune In Tuesday: Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights

There are few things I like more than the television series Friday Night Lights.

Jump to, the other day when I was tooling around on Spotify. Someone created an FNL Season 5 playlist of all the songs featured on the show during its final season.

Naturally, I listened. (And looooooved.)

Now, I've always enjoyed the music on the show, but I've never REALLY thought about it or sought it out. This is partly because a) a lot of the music is stuff I already listen to and b) I spent most of my time swooning over Coach Taylor. So I was really digging on this playlist and then I got to a song by a band I'd never heard of. It made my heart happy. And now I share it with all of youuuuuu.

May I present, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, aka, my new band crush.

(Be warned: the video is a tidbit NSFW.)

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReadsBooks.


  1. YES to songs from FNL!! I saw this playlist on your spotify the other day & subscribed :-)

  2. I haven't watched FNL.. I know, I suck. I hear such good things about it though. And this song - love it.

    Love of Books

  3. Ooh, I really like this song! My sister LOVES FNL... a lot. lol

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!

  4. I also haven't watched FNL (though I plan to, eventually), but I like the song. Fun! :)